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Every planter is manufactured with heavy gauge marine-grade aluminum to resist denting, and powder coated for superior surface protection. Standard paint colors are semi-gloss black, semi-gloss white, fine-texture black, and textured silver-vein. They are also available in structural "Cor-Ten" Steel for a rusting appearance.

*Corten steel products arrive in their unrusted state and must be exposed to weather.

Planters are standard with 1" top rims, and 1" drain holes evenly spaced every 10-14 inches on the base, and attached rubber feet to prevent scuffing and scratching. 


Customization requests to rim shape and size, drain holes and powder coating color can be made at an extra charge. Please submit your modification requirements via the contact page. Thank you.

Discover the Modern Elegance of Our Cube Planters

Our Square Planters, crafted from 8-10g marine-grade aluminum, offer a perfect blend of form and function. These square planters are lightweight, resilient, and designed to withstand UV rays, ensuring a long-lasting beauty for your outdoor space. Their high-quality construction means fewer replacements and lower long-term costs for you.

Adaptable Aesthetic for Every Landscape

Available in semi-gloss black, semi-gloss white, fine texture black, and silver vein, these square planter boxes offer a versatile aesthetic that can enhance any landscape design. Their clean lines and modern design make them a future-proof addition to your space, whether they're lining a pathway or showcasing a feature plant.

Canadian-Made Durability

Our large square planters are not just about aesthetics. Made in Canada, they are a testament to durability and sustainability. They are weatherproof, dent-resistant, and pressure washer safe, ensuring they maintain their beauty for years to come. Their Canadian-made quality and commitment to sustainability make them a choice you can feel good about.

Transform Your Space

Whether you're designing a commercial landscape or a private garden, our square outdoor planters offer a blend of functionality and style that can elevate any space into a stunning landscape. Their generous planting space offers flexibility, allowing you to create a mini herb garden or display a stunning floral arrangement. Invest in our Cubic Planters today and enjoy their modern elegance for years to come.

    A Semi-Gloss White Cubic Aluminum Planter
    A Semi-Gloss Black Cubic Aluminum Planter
    A Fine-Texture Black Cubic Aluminum Planter
    A Textured Silver Vein Cubic Aluminum Planter